Luxury White is not only interior design


At our showroom it is also possible to purchase fine linens, created with love and care by experts and exclusively designed with the best Made in Italy hand-ironed fabrics.

All our products are made to order: everything can be adapted to the client’s needs, who can select every colour detail, finishing and size.
The hemstitches, the embroideries and the monogram can be made in pure linen, soft cashmere or with the best cotton satin.




Recycled objects

Our love for hosting, together with the continuous search for objects that can best represent our idea of home, create the essence of our style: a perfect fusion of modern and antique.
Every object that we select is the result of accurate research and every single piece presented in our showroom can be bought from our clients.


Thanks to the help of craftsmen and the wide range of our fabrics, it is possible to produce beds, chairs, sofas, pillows, curtains and whatever your fantasy suggests. We can plan together what’s best for your home.

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