Interior Design

Luxury White works with both interior and exterior design projects of many different kinds of environments (apartments, villas, hotels, restaurants, bars, yachts).
Our team of interior designers follows the client through every step of the project, from the idea to its full realisation, in order to create a harmonious result, combing different styles and colours but always in line with the client’s initial idea.
Our specialists and artisans are highly qualified in the creation of made to measure products. This part of our business especially, represents the beating heart of Luxury White.

Attention to the customer

We develop each project by always trying to understand and interpret the expectations and desires of our clients. Our objective is to create a space that is functional, personalized and unique.

Attention to detail

Our mission is to pursue classic but unconventional elegance. Through careful attention to detail and by selecting functional objects, we try to make every project special and unique, from a small proposal to a full house renovation.


After an attentive design phase, we give to our customer an interior decoration proposal.


We try to best represent our clients’ desires and needs through realistic and detailed renders.


Private Homes

Our homes allow us to express and represent ourselves to others, just like an outfit that we decide to wear.

  • Materials, furniture, fabrics, colours and artwork that are carefully chosen to meet the customer’s requests
  • Project presented through renders (realistic images of the spaces) showed to the client during the design stage
  • Implementation of turnkey projects (ready to use) that are able to satisfy even the more demanding customers

Small Hotels and Restaurants

Impressing the clientele of the location with taste, stimulating their curiosity and their will to come back. Because they feel at ease, just like home, but with some extra care.

  • Study of the location and of its unexpressed opportunities
  • Design of a project that is harmoniously balanced with the landscape in which the space is located
  • Respect of the client’s needs whilst trying to meet the appreciation of the audience

Small Restyling Interventions

Luxury White also deals with helping the customers with small solutions that make the difference, from the restyling of a space or an object to an event for which the eye of an expert is needed.

  • Room relooking, restoration of a piece of furniture, new upholstery for the living room
  • Restyling of antiques (with different techniques depending on the client’s requests)
  • Creation of a concept for an important night: from the selection of the location to the table setting or the set up of the space
  • Different solutions and alternatives to make your problem the greatest asset of your home.